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  1. All About Rap!

    All About Rap!


    Who is here after title meme🤣

  2. Kartik Chandra Pathak

    Kartik Chandra Pathak


    Here is Compulsory Requirement for Becoming Pilot -- ●Numbers One and most important -🤑 You must have millionaire wallet to even think about becoming pilot. ●Number Two -- You should have have perfect body ●Number Three -- You should have been good in studies have science stream and pcm is necessary. These are the three most compulsory requirement for becoming Pilot and if you can't meet requirements specially the first one (Which instantly murders dreams of seventy percent people dream and throws you in depression) forget about becoming pilot in real life its rich people show and you poor people you can't afford to even dream about it damn your poor life.😠😠😠😤😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬.

  3. Raees Muhammad

    Raees Muhammad

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    Be strong ❤️😩

  4. Arjita Singh

    Arjita Singh

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    Atleast this bachha is crying for fruit 😀 otherwise kids these days only demands for fries Maggie and what not.

  5. indu sharma

    indu sharma

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    Koi ilaz ni ae in chitiyo ka ? Hr khane k smaan mai ghusi hoti ae

  6. ravi trivedi

    ravi trivedi

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    Bhai protein powder me bhi dekh lo chiti to nahi hoti na

  7. Hasnain Ahmad

    Hasnain Ahmad

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    1:56 beta........Mauj kardi😂

  8. Nitin Goyal

    Nitin Goyal

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    Bhabhi be like mujhe to add nhi kiya family tree me😂😂

  9. Dhrubo Das

    Dhrubo Das

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    Sir ji west Bengal ajao 5 rupees mango kilo hai

  10. 97_ Sp

    97_ Sp

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    Bhabhi is also familY mmbr😍❤

  11. Hashiy Syte

    Hashiy Syte

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    inblow.info/load/iJCdlqZ7oKievMg/vhi-i Watch out this..hahah..its so funny

  12. dhruv joshi

    dhruv joshi

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    Sir wo formula hota hai 1kg = 900something litre

  13. Honey lemon

    Honey lemon

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    You guys are so funny 🤣

  14. Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma

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    Nobody Ritu didi nowdays: 'BETE' mein batati ......

  15. Nehha _Phoenix Bird

    Nehha _Phoenix Bird

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    7:45 😂😂😂



    2 तासांपूर्वी

    Actually physics is killer visualisation with simple mathematics. Aisa hmare sir ne hme btaya hai

  17. Bharat Yadav

    Bharat Yadav

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    So cute baby girl



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    Cringe = ritu 🙂



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    Sayed 😎😎

  20. Rudransh Agrawal

    Rudransh Agrawal

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    sir vaise toh, sabse pehele unko shak hua ek planet tha, this is only just because of physics, they can feel that and then solved mathematically using Gravitational forces and other various concept of physics! so i think physics comes first, physics is a subject of feel, due to which only they are able to observe any phenomena

  21. Beast Bhadouria

    Beast Bhadouria

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    Plz pray for my dog. I think he is suffering from parvo🥺😥

  22. Tushar P

    Tushar P

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    Saurabh joshi k sath video lekr usko Promote kiya bhai tune... Ab wo tuze bhi cross krne wala hai... Tere pahle uske 6 million subscribers ho jayenge😅😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  23. Ayush Tomar

    Ayush Tomar

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    Gaurav bhai baccho se biscuits chupaoge to esa hi hoga😂😂

  24. jee aspirant AIR 1

    jee aspirant AIR 1

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    Great sir

  25. ESPN Sports

    ESPN Sports

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    Mau kicking legs reminded me of sweet tooth 🤩

  26. little bees art&craft

    little bees art&craft

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    father's day on 20th june

  27. Subhajit Saha

    Subhajit Saha

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  28. Momo Khan

    Momo Khan

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    Atta daaal sabi Now its.... ATA DAAL SABJI Rashu grown very fast😕🥺❣

  29. Kavita Singh

    Kavita Singh

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    Sir zindagi milegi dobara aarti vlog aapse help maang rhi h plzzz unko dekh lo

  30. Atharva Golegaonkar

    Atharva Golegaonkar

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    1:28 🥰

  31. Diksha K.T

    Diksha K.T

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    Rasbhari Squeezing the lemon gave me a HUGE SMILE on my face I've ever had in my life ❤️

  32. MITTU


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  33. S


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    I am overseas, how the hell Neetu is pregnant??😁😁😀 She cheated with you??%$#@$%

  34. gaurika


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    What exam is he preparing for?

  35. Lazina Sayyed

    Lazina Sayyed

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    MashaAllah ❤ Stay Happy & Stay Blessed Always :) 💯

  36. Sanchit Mishra

    Sanchit Mishra

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    Vlog of 12th June Sir you seriously need a pest control after this covid situation Kabhi chuha kabhi chipkali aur ab cheetiyan

  37. Sunil Arora Vlogs

    Sunil Arora Vlogs

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    Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 bohot bdia vlog

  38. Monomoy Sardar

    Monomoy Sardar

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    May everyone's rest in peace on that flight❤️

  39. Smarty Pants

    Smarty Pants

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    Rashi is cute but getting pampered now

  40. sovan sekhar sarma

    sovan sekhar sarma

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    9:41 Iqlipse nova🔥🔥🔥

  41. Prabhat Kumar Singh

    Prabhat Kumar Singh

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    7:15 are yar why r u looking this 😀😀😀😀

  42. Anonymous


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    Yes Sir, I also feel the same Mathematics is too underrated. Veritasium is a amazing Educational INblow channel.

  43. Titasmk


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    Bhabhi k liye jegaha nhi hai family tree m🙄

  44. aviation boy Manash

    aviation boy Manash

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    Physics is nothing without math🙄

  45. Darsh Bhatti

    Darsh Bhatti

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    CUTEST VIDEO EVER😍🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗❤️❣️

  46. Priya


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    Jitne baar video dekhti hu aankh se aansu nhi rukte

  47. Roshni Kori

    Roshni Kori

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    Haa meri v mom ne grahan k din doodh k upar tulsi patta rakha tha😁

  48. Junaid Shaikh

    Junaid Shaikh

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    Gaurav- y are you liking this 😳 Mau be like - I am loving it Just kidding sir ❤️

  49. Ayush Kant Dubey

    Ayush Kant Dubey

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    Ab bhai scientist bhi ban jayenge😂😂😂😂😂

  50. falgunii sharma

    falgunii sharma

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    Petition to flying beast for that's my job!🖐️🤍 SushaSquadop!🔥

  51. Saarthak Gupta

    Saarthak Gupta

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    Present sir!!

  52. Ayush Gupta

    Ayush Gupta

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    06:37 Movie mein bhi Amitabh bachchan ko hui thi sazaa.. But kam time ke liye 😅

  53. Partha Dey

    Partha Dey

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    Plsssssssss ditto ko lete to bohot top hota.

  54. S S

    S S

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    @6:56 haaton se kardo haaton se kardo bas hatoon se kardo Cheers!!!!!!😄😘

  55. Fehm Fehm

    Fehm Fehm

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    According to law "double jeopardy"is prohibited and no person shall be punished for the same offense,,, watch Double jeopardy movie, its the best example for it.

  56. P M

    P M

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    Rashi is Living a life than that I can dream only. Her favorite singer is singing song for her..😙😙

  57. Bipad Shit

    Bipad Shit

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    We all know gaurav ji is trying to beat sourav joshi vlogs on basis of subscribers 😁😂😂🤣🤣

  58. Tarandeep Bhatia

    Tarandeep Bhatia

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    Hum 50₹ kilo lete aam 😂

  59. Universe Specialize

    Universe Specialize

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    Mat dekha karo yaar... Etna ads aa rha hai.. Apne khub paise kamata hai... Aur ham esse support kar rhe hai

  60. jatin Upadhyay F2 355

    jatin Upadhyay F2 355

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    7:14 maau😂🤣🤣🤣

  61. Dikshita Aswani

    Dikshita Aswani

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    For unboxing Rashi ko phone ka lalach diya gaya 4:26

  62. Gaurav tripathi

    Gaurav tripathi

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    Sir these mangoes cost only Rs50 only in lucknow,near my house in gomti nagar lucknow. U are saying ryt they charge as per the vehicle 😂😂😂

  63. chathura madusanka

    chathura madusanka

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    Jacki ❤😘

  64. All About

    All About

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    Garam jaisi koyi cheez hi nahi badsha ke life mai

  65. Tulip Shitta

    Tulip Shitta

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    Rashi's getting wild for nt having leechi...

  66. Sreejith Janardhanan

    Sreejith Janardhanan

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    What a man you are, hats off to you

  67. Keshav Kapoor

    Keshav Kapoor

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    Gaurav bhai wo jo neptune ka wobble he wo theoritical astrophysicist batata he..naki mathematician. Aur uska proof fir experimental physicist bade telescope setup krke deta he.. mathematics itti advance develop ho chuki he ki aane waale 100 saal tak hm usse physical world me apply ni kr payenge



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    Use laxhman rekha for ants and after this no ant can dare to cross the border....

  69. Poonam Khurana

    Poonam Khurana

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    Keep a Ant eater at your house 🏠😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. Bhawna Bhatnagar

    Bhawna Bhatnagar

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    Actually tree ki trunk par grandparents aane chaiye coz they are the roots of the family

  71. Rishabh Nigam

    Rishabh Nigam

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    8:15 to 9:06 Commerce students be like - kaha aagye hum kya baat ho rahi hai..

  72. hardik sharma

    hardik sharma

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    Congratulations Gaurav Bhai

  73. Rinki Raha

    Rinki Raha

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    Moc ki Neck bhi rub kiya karo he will enjoy, Mango Rs 60/- per kg chal rha hai Ritu di Please change your dress I love you Raashi,

  74. Muhammad Ashraf

    Muhammad Ashraf

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    Elder siblings usually tend to be jealous of the small kids as there parents love is divided with the new born child equally

  75. Pratyusha Bhattacharya

    Pratyusha Bhattacharya

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  76. Garima


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    Lovely 😍 mazaa aagya dil kush kardeta

  77. Komal


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    Please help sir! My friend's brother is suffering from cancer and the doctor (In Mumbai) has given him wrong treatment because of which his condition has become fatal. My friend urgently needs to raise 5 lakh rupees for his treatment or else the situation will worse. I have proof of all doctor's statements pls help us sir we have only raised uptil 1400 now..